How to Keep Your accounts secure:

Keeping your R'Web account secure

Because R'Web provides you the convenience of a single sign-on for multiple UCR accounts, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to maintain the security of your password. Whenever you use a computer that other people have access to, your account is at risk. Here are some recommendations for protecting your account.

  Security Precautions

A password MUST be at least six characters long and contain a combination of numbers, letters and uppercase letters. If you are using a public computer (on campus, for example) don't let the Web browser save and store your password.

key Changing and Choosing a Strong Password

A strong password:

  • Your password can be changed over any time at
  • Should be at least 8 characters long using lowercase letters, uppercase letters and numbers or special characters.
  • Should not match your Permanent PIN number and should not match your password for any non-UCR systems.
  • Should not use easily obtained information such as your initials, name, nickname, birthdate, username or ID numbers.
  • Should not use dictionary words, word patterns, or number patterns (e.g. address, aaabbb, zyxwvuts, 123456, etc.).
  • Should be able to be typed quickly, without having to look at the keyboard (to decrease the probability that someone might steal your password observing your keyboard).
  • Should not be so complicated that it must be written down.
padlock DON'T share your Password:

  • UC Riverside will never contact you by phone or e-mail and request your password. Do not give your password to ANYONE claiming to be a UCR staff member. This includes e-mail messages that ask you to click on a link to log into your account.
padlock DON'T store your Password in your Web browser

  • Don't configure your Web browser to automatically fill in forms or remember passwords. This is especially important in a single sign-on environment where your password can used to access several sites.
padlock How do I configure my Web browser so it won't remember passwords?

    • For Windows: Disable this feature by selecting Options from the Tools menu, selecting the Privacy tab and un-checking the boxes in the Saved Forms and Passwords tabs.

    • For Mac: Disable this feature by selecting Preferences from the Firefox menu, selecting the Privacy tab and un-checking the boxes in the Saved Forms and Passwords tabs.

    Disable this feature by selecting Internet Options from the Tools menu, selecting the Content tab, clicking on the AutoComplete button, and uncheck the boxes for Forms and User names and passwords on forms.

    Disable this feature by selecting Preferences from the Safari menu, selecting the AutoFill tab and un-checking the boxes.
padlock Protect Your Password Against Theft

Keep Your Computer Clean of Viruses and Spyware

  • Avoid clicking on suspicious links in e-mail attachments
  • Scan your computer regularly with anti-spyware and ant-virus security software
  • Keep your computer up-to-date with the latest Windows and Macintosh software updates
mouse Log Out of R'web When your session is finished:
  • Just because you have closed all of your Web browser windows doesn't mean you have successfully logged out of R'Web. Remember to click on the file menu in your Web browser and select EXIT, QUIT or CLOSE.

For more information, view the CAS FAQs page.

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