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R'Web General Overview

R'Web offers various UCR-related tools and resources by concentrating new web-based applications into a single location. There are success tools and resources that will provide you with academic and personal growth and support. You can select and review campus organization sites that you may want to get involved with. Additionally, you can customize your portal experience by adding features that you want to see.

  Logging In and Out

Login to R'Web using your UCR Net ID and password. To logout of R'Web, click Sign- Off in the upper right corner and completely quit out of your web browser. Clicking Logout or Exit within one of your Authorized Applications will not log you out of R'Web. If you would like to change your password, you can do so online at http://password.ucr.edu.

mouse R'Web Navigation
(NEW!) Managing Tabs

Users may customize R’Web tab settings to add new tabs and view/hide tabs.

To begin, select the "Add Homepage Features" tab, followed by the "Managed Tabs" tab.

To Hide a tab,  click on the "Display Target" option and select "None".

Note! Default tabs (Home, Add Homepage Features, Feedback, Security and Help) cannot be hidden.

To reorder the tabs, you can click on an entry and drag it to your desired location.

Add Homepage Features
Manage Tabs

To add a custom tab, select ADD TAB URL.

Enter a name for the Tab and the URL and select a "Display Target" option.

Display Target

Select "Save Changes" to complete the process.

Select "Yes" at the prompt to refresh your R’Web window to view the changes.

Save your Changes
Refresh your Page
key Alerts:

After logon, at the top left of the screen below the banner, are Alerts. There are five categories of Alerts: Emergency, Enrollment, Financial Aid, and Fees and Payments.

An Emergency Alert will first appear on your homepage as a large box in the middle of your screen. The box will contain the nature of the emergency. After your review, you may x-out of the box, but the Alert will continue to display until the alert is no longer active or has been resolved.

The other Alerts are informational and specific to your individual circumstance. All alerts will display on the left top side of the portal; however, you may click on the arrow_lefticon and it will collapse. Likewise, click on the iconright arrow , and the left side will reappear into your page.

padlock Spotlights:

A Spotlight is an "illustrated highlight" of a campus event / issue / etc. The Spotlight consists of three thumbnails, each with its own larger image. The larger image is linked to a webpage. When you click on the image, the portal displays the associated web page.

padlock Portlets:

Portlets are applications within R'Web. There are portlets that are defaulted to R'Web because they contain valuable and pertinent tools and links relevant to the student population. Other portlets are optional and can be added to your homepage to accessing the tab "add to homepage".

Note: Some portlets may contain links that open in their own windows. Please disable your browser pop-up blocker when using R'Web.

Defaulted Portlets

  • Authorized Applications - This portlet provides access to UCR web-based applications, including Webmail, iLearn, Me@UCR, iEval, and GROWL. If you have access to other UCR web-based applications, you will also see those links / icons within this portlet.

    To access an application, click on the application icon within the portlet. The application will open up inside a separate frame within R'Web. To access GROWL, you will need to enter your student ID Number and, for an extra layer of security, your birth date.

  • Get Involved - This portlet lists relevant UCR student organizations and activity groups.

  • Highlander Shoutouts - A Highlander Shoutout is an announcement containing a short description of an event or happening that is of general interest to students.

  • Success Tools - This portlet contains resources for student academic and personal support.
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