Help for Adding Facebook Application

The R'Web Facebook Application allows students to view their R'Web Alerts and Shoutouts from within Facebook and provides single sign-on access to commonly used student applications such as iEval and Webmail. To add the R'Web Facebook Application to your Facebook profile, follow the instructions below.

Step 1:

From the top menu bar in Facebook, enter Rweb into the search box and click the magnifying glass icon to search.


Step 2:

From within the search results, click the link for the application named "UCR R'Web."

Search Results

Step 3:

On the UCR R'Web application page, click the "Go to Application" button.

Application Button

Step 4:

At the next page, confirm and Allow access.

Allow Access

Step 5:

Bookmark the UCR R'Web application within Facebook by clicking the Bookmark link in the menu at the bottom of the UCR R'Web Application page.


Step 6:

You are now ready to login to the UCR R'Web Facebook application. Click the "Log in now" button. Because you have closed all of your Web browser windows doesn't mean you have successfully logged out of R'Web. Remember to click on the file menu in your Web browser and select EXIT, QUIT or CLOSE.


Final Step:

Enter your UCR NetID and password to authenticate and use the UCR R'Web Facebook application.


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