Customize Your R'Web
key Optional Portlets:

Many portlets are strictly optional. Those portlets can be added to your R'Web homepage to bring customized content. These portlets include the following:

  • Clock - Displays the current date and time

  • Dictionary - Dictionary search tool. User may choose from a selection of sites to search

  • Find People - Search the UCR campus directory for students, faculty, or staff

  • Movie Showtimes - See the latest local movie showtimes & locations 

  • My Links - Maintain a collection of links to your favorite websites

  • My News - RSS feed of news headlines

  • My Pictures - Manage and share your photos and graphics with other R'Web users

  • My Scratch Pad - Record quick notes for later reference

  • Picture Viewer - View a slide show of your pictures stored in My Pictures

  • Riverside Weather - Local weather information provided by

  • Traffic Information - Local traffic conditions from Google

  • UCR Shuttles - Find information on available shuttle routes & schedules
key Add or Remove Portlets from your Homepage:
  1. Click the "add homepage features" tab

  2. To the right of the portlet that you would like to add, click "Add to R'Web" to add the portlet, or "Remove from R'Web" to remove the portlet

  3. Your changes will be saved and remain in place until you change your choices

Alternatively, you can remove a portlet by clicking the X in the upper right-hand corner of the portlet on your homepage.

padlock Resizing Portlets:

You can shrink, expand, or even collapse portlets on your homepage so that they take up as much, or as little space as you need.

To shrink or expand a portlet, move your mouse to the bottom edge of the portlet window until a down arrow appears. Click on the bottom edge of the portlet and drag it up or down to the desired size. Only the height of the portlet can be changed, not the width. Your changes will be saved and remain in place until you change your choices.

To collapse a portlet so that only the portlet header shows, click the up arrowarrow_up in the portlet header.

padlock Moving Portlets:

The defaulted portlets (Authorized Apps, Get Involved, Success Tools, and Highlander Shoutouts) remain in a static and permanent position because of their frequency of use. You may rearrange the order of all other portlets on your homepage by dragging and dropping them to the desired location.

  1. Click on the portlet header and drag it to the location on your homepage where you want to place it. An outline of a box will be displayed indicating where the portlet will be placed when you drop it.

  2. Other portlets on the page will automatically move accordingly in order to keep your homepage organized.
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